Croatia Nudist Beaches and Scuba Diving Guide

Croatia nudist beaches and scuba diving guide is written by a real person, who was born and grew up by the Adriatic Sea.

This guide covers a lot more than the common tourist attractions in Croatia (dont worry, they are not missing). The Croatia Travel Guide contains everything I’ve experienced and learned over the years, living and traveling across Croatia:

  • You will see why Croatia has become one of the most attractive Mediterranean destinations. And why its considered one of the safest countries in this part of the world.
  • Learn about the country of spectacular coastline on the Adriatic with 1185 offshore
    and innumerable bays and inlets. Discover Croatian beaches, whether rocky, pebbly, gravelly or sandy.
  • Learn why Croatia has become more attractive to divers from all over the world. Diving along the Adriatic has a long tradition since 1893. Find out the top 10 diving sites.
  • Learn about all Croatias adventure activities like yachting, sailing, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, windsurfing and rock climbing.
  • Find cheap flights, a cheap or luxury hotel, private accommodation or a camp sites and if you are young and adventurous, try to stay in one of the lighthouses along the Adriatic coast.
  • And that’s just a start. Whether you are dreaming about or
    a trip to Croatia, you will find some real help here and the inspiration to finally make your dreams come true!

Croatia has always been my home even though in 1992 I moved to Bulgaria. Nontheless, each year after that I would spend several months in Croatia.. I created the Croatia Nudist Beaches and Scuba Diving Guide to show you the beauties of this small country and to help you with the preparation for your own trip.

Come and explore crystal clean seas, lush islands, untouched fishing villages, nudist beaches, vineyards, Roman ruins and medieval walled cities which are some of many treasures that make Croatia a travelers dream.

I like to think that I can offer you plenty of information, so lets get started.

This Nudist Beaches and Scuba Diving website has several main sections:
Hotels | Vacation Rentals | Flights | Things to Do | Restaurants | Deals | Maps

Croatia’s Top Destinations
Korcula island
Hvar island
Brac island
Plitvice Lakes
Pag island
Rab island
Rovinj, Istria
Split, Dalmatia

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It is my way to express thanks to you for your interest in my site and in the beautiful part of the world that has turned this European destination into an international hot spot.

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